Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Biscay Bonxie

Mono print of a lone Great Skua low over the oily dark waters of Biscay. First attempt for a series of prints on birds and cetaceans seen from the bridge of Pont Aven (Portsmouth - Santander ferry) whilst on our annual marine mammal surveys for ORCA. The inspiration being the depth of space, darkness, light and elements that engulf the ocean-goer. Massive?...re. V&A Chinese woodblock (02.01.12)

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Building Wigeon Flocks

Porthmadog cob stretches North to south, spanning the Glaslyn estuary, carrying main road and ffestiniog light railway. The East side of the cob looks over tidal lagoons and up river towards Moel Siabod; on the other side of the Railway is the West and saltmarshes exposed to Cardigan bay and its relentless onshores. The lagoons and saltmarsh hold large numbers of wintering waterfowl including whooper swan and pintail, today the main event was a flock of several hundred wigeon in eclipse.

East: On sunshine and cloud day, focus here was on light from cloud breaks and colours in landscape. Constant change has meant this study has not been comprehensive. On flooding tide, restless flocks take off in splashing waves filling the air and circle across and above the mountain background. Limiting palette further will help capture atmosphere in future, as well as larger works and charcoal studies. Low tide best for birds and composition. (cb, cr, rs, cy, az mainly and introduced um for heavier tones in foreground as experiment) Palette needs work.

West: Exposed to the building onshores and looking into the sun back-lighting the flooded marsh and swirling flocks of wigeon erupting and settling from out of view within the tussocks. A more exciting study, exposed, elemental full of movement and rhythm with rapid flight of overlapping flocks, crosshatching of wind stirred water, bright water contrasting against inky black marshland silhouettes that switched to rich purples, green and brown as the clouds blew over obscuring the sun and darkening the sea. (cb,cr,cy -sky, bu, um -fore plus rs and az).