Sunday, 21 October 2012

Pen y Gaer - Iron Age Fort

16 - 21 October

Exploring the Iron Age fort. Considering its position at the head of two valleys and the visual juxtaposition between the remains and surrounding landscape forms. Further interest in relationship of the prehistoric landscape and present landscape use - farmland, damning of Clywedog valley and remains of mining and macro landscape. Iron age and bronze age features (cairns, standing stones) are of interest for their position in the landscape, which was highly relevant and can perhaps be revealed or explored through visual art today.

Friday, 5 October 2012

Winter Goldies

First noticed Golden plover (x7) back on the hill 28 September. Small flock of five calling in flight late around 4.30, already getting dark, this one appeared in the col I had scoured meticulously, just as i was going to head back. Had it been there all along or just landed? Bird alert the whole time as others calling in air, I painted for about 1 hr (bs+cb, intro rs, qr -alternating foliage/plumage for drying time) before it joined others. Left around 5.45 as the 5 circling birds landed on West slope of col and seemed to be feeding.