Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Barnacle Geese and Merlin, Ynys Hir

Mild and overcast, I found the Barnacles again in front of the saltings hide but already moving further off. I wanted to get close in amongst the flock, but the constant flow of moving birds makes it hard to find a reference to start drawing from. Eventually I caught sight of a bird drinking from a hidden creek and knowing that it would take a few more gulps and so repeating the pose I began to draw. More joined in and the birds behind began to build up as they took turns to drink or cross the obstacle. Such moments when events work in my favour allows for free and energetic drawing, but it doesn't happen everyday.

My second strike of luck that day was finding a Merlin perched at the back of the hide towards twilight, allowing me to paint it directly for at least 15 minutes. It looked like an adult female.

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