Monday, 7 February 2011

Monotype Printing

First attempt at print based on 26.01.11 drawing. Watercolour monotype using two plates and simple (wB, tY, cR) palette. Possible to see basic colour scheme works well although could tone down in places and emphasise light and form with bolder shadows, leave highlights especially on the necks, emphasise markings and create stronger focal point.
1st Plate, 2nd Plate >>


  1. very good, i like the disseminated arch of the central figures... Hard with two pressings, and in watercolour. Did you use perspex plates? Thomas A Middlemost...

  2. Thanks for your comments Mr. Middlemost,
    Yes I used perspex (or plexiglass - used as glass in framing) with a sanded surface, I also apply soap or gum arabic before painting up as this helps more paint lift off the plate onto the paper when printing. It's quite hit and miss using two plates, however pulling the print is very exciting as you never know exactly what will happen until the two colour plates merge together on the final print. CW