Thursday, 1 December 2011

Great grey shrike, Hafren forest


  1. Probably my favorite of your bird studies! I feel that you have really captured the character of this species, especially in the finished painting. What size is this one?

  2. Hi Jeremy, these ones are A3. I got obsessed with this Shrike (a rare winter visitor here) and made loads of studies but still not satisfied! glad you like them though. Thanks for your comments today, I recieved them on my phone whilst painting goldeneye at Garreg hir, was having a tough time of it, so the confidence boost was well timed, thanks! Had a look at your bigpristles and really liked the big sky paintings - my kind of thing exactly, reminds me of an Icelandic watercolourist I admire called Asgrimur Jonsson - computer would'nt let me leave a comment though so hope you come across this message, good to be in touch.