Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Flamborough Kittiwakes

I made this drawing of Kittiwakes on July 7th, as a sketch to later make into a print. Drawn from beach at Flamborough head during low tide, chalk stone ledges strewn with nests. The long format ties in with the influence of cave paintings which influences these mono-prints, e.g. strong line, rich earthy colour, mark making, expression of movement.

Trial run today on a small plate with simple bs, cb (1st) rs, cb, ru (2nd) (cr, az) palette. 

Rocks bluer, colder, more definate forms needed - shadows

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  1. Coming along nicely. I especially liked your previous blog entry 'Snorkel of all Snorkels', great series of drawings - did you do them underwater???? Also very much liked your large drawing of the Elegug stack loomery, you seem to capture in black and white far more about the teeming numbers of a guillemot colony than any photo or painting could have!