Sunday, 4 August 2013

Snorkel of all snorkels

The recent calm spell meant perfect conditions for snorkeling this weekend. Under Borth cliff a whole new world of life forms was revealed, endless drawing possibilities:

Submerged rocks teamed with conglomerates of spiny spider crabs.

Sea bass shoaled in their hundreds, large specimens could be seen foraging, apparently grazing the seaweed.

Corkwing (?) wrasse, find cover in the kelp, I drew this far bolder individual, defending a scrape in the exposed rock, presumably a 'nest'. Not sure if smaller fish to right is a potential mate?

Jelly fish everywhere, this barrel jellyfish was a metre in diameter.

An otter surfacing close by interrupted my discovery of marine life. As it dived a trail of air bubbles hung in its path for me to follow to the sea bed, lungs bursting I caught a glimpse of a sinewy shape grappling and rummaging under rocks. Then again i watched the otter glide between jellyfish to the surface. I stayed with it into the shallows as it foraged amongst the kelp. Once or twice he showed me his teeth, which is what's happening in the photo above as he swam towards me. An incredible experience, and on my own doorstep

Resident bottlenose dolphins put in appearance just to round off the day.

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