Thursday, 18 August 2011

Craig Y Aderyn - Prehistoric Roost

Cliffs at the widening of a particularly rugged valley, used to meet the sea, but now stand two miles inland from the coast. An ancient landscape given resonance through the calls of those prehistoric looking cormorants that still roost/nest on the cliff today. Not a lot of birds around today, not sure if cormorants roost here in large numbers all year (waited til dusk) - only a few juvs on the cliff, also choughs and a peregrine. Nearby clear streams with good views of trout.cb,rs,cr + bs etc (also ny in fore and sky); dropped in heavy washes mid-fore ground. Back hills several separated washes allowed to run in completely. rts, for larger canvas close and below, similar colour approach making use of bold form, hopefully birds will roost. Good light around 20:00, but 16:00 onwards fine.

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