Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Manx Shearwater & Dyfi Osprey

A good combination today, Manx Shearwater passage/feeding close in off Ynys Las on the morning spring high, followed by Ospreys on the Dyfi this afternoon. The Dyfi Ospreys have reared 3 chicks which is outstanding for this species in general let alone such a young pair breeding here for the first time. They are using a manmade platform nest erected by MWT volunteers. With one bird fledged the other two are close, exercising their wings and building up strength. Albeit fascinating to watch the intimate lives of such magnificent and rare raptors, I am drawn back to the excitement of the Manx Shearwater passage at Ynys Las where groups of thousands passed this morning. Half way down towards Borth a large group rafts close in (LT), their silhouettes black and crisp against the low light, so I can make out every curve of their buoyant form. Further out the action continues as groups mass and disperse to form a long sinuous swarm sifting over the water, presumably echoing a similar momentum in the shape-shifting shoals beneath them but out of our vision. Hard to predict Manxies, usually HT brings them close in, but theory that they feed close in here at low tide also, morning and evening seem best and on calm days, pos prey fish shelter in warmer coastal water overnight/am, sometimes birds just not here for no particular reason. RTS for Manx seascape, feeding in distance and passing close in, ref sketches today.

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