Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Dyfi Osprey

All have fledged and female already gone. Not always using nest site so more patience required, in order to see fledging practicing flight or male returning with mullet held head on; always cries and high pitch screeches help to locate the birds. Male less willing to share catch now, with young constantly begging. After slow day and sleep in car, last light offered more productive behaviour as male brought large mullet to platform - watching them feed with twisting ripping motion until light failed. rts for artificial light in this location offering night painting possibilities, likely composition with more flight studies if time permits.Behaviour studies - usual approach, careful timing ... washes rich either bs/um or r/b/y offers plenty of possibility for subtle browns of plumage ranging from purple hues to grey to rich umber. No Manx on coast to see.

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